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Jack of all trades, master of none,
though oftentimes better than master of one. 

I’m an academic multitasker working in computer science, neuroscience, philosophy and future studies… or where else I find interesting problems to play with. I have for a long time been involved in public speaking about science, transhumanism, computer graphics, and roleplaying games

Anders Sandberg,

The Blog

Andart is my blog. A mixture of essays on my research and transhumanist topics, links to my other online activities, recreational mathematics and other random content.

Andart II is the successor to old Andart. Given that the first Andart was Andart 5, there is room for many confusing versions.


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  1. I saw you in a documentary Technocalyps doing a magick ritual. Are you familiar with the work of Aleister Crowley ?

    If not, the text Liber Al vel Legis may be of great interest to you. It was written in 1904 and foretells the coming age. The crowned and conquering child is modern technology.

  2. Hi Anders-

    Hope all is well. The “Top 25 Futurist Blogs” that we featured you in a while back did WAY better than expected.

    Not only is it one of LoneMind’s most popular posts but it’s also pushing our monthly visitor count up (we’re at about 25,000 visitors/mo. now).

    To help you maximize your exposure from the inclusion, I’ve attached a badge that you can display on your site to highlight your inclusion!

    Below is the html code that you can use to place the badge that links back to the feature article:

    Top 25 Futurist Blogs

    Once again, congratulations and I look forward to staying connected!



  3. Hi Anders,
    I am a social informatics specialist and I have read your publication on the Fermi paradox with great interest.

    If the probability points to extreme rarity of life, we’re probably just cursed. 😀

    Most likely there is already tons of research on this:

    Our kind of life is based on replacement. We (humans, animals, plants) devour organic material to sustain ourselves. Possibly this sets us apart from other beings. Maybe we have not established first contact yet because we’re quarantined, like a ham infested with Anthrax locked away in a hazmat room. We’re the weird cannibals who need to live off eachother. Nobody wants to touch the “poison ham” or even go near us or even acknowledge that we exist knowing that even the tiniest Amoeba eats other cells to live and any contamination with bacteriaor virae is dangerous. Yet we’re parasitic and viral, we crave to expand and infect new hosts. We’re the most dangerous creature in space, we leave only ashes. We’re the Chernobyl elephant foot contained in the sarkophagus, where nobody really wants to go near and yet it is growing and oozing out…

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