I have been in the media a few times. Here are some links to good, interesting or merely fun media appearances, plus videos of some of my lectures.

4 June 2014: Podcast on science fiction, social computing and physics for The Apiary  

23 March 2014: Talk at conference Anticipating 2025 about “Smarter policy-making through improved
collective cognition?”

11 June 2014: Adam Ford interviews me about “Eugene the Turing test-beating teenbot reveals more about humans than computers“:

Keynote at BAI2013 in Plzen, Czech republic about “What do cars think about trolley problems?”:

Transhuman: do you want to live forever?” A documentary about transhumanism where I (and my beetle collection) appears heavily:

The future(s) of cognitive enhancers: a talk I gave to the Trinity Science Society… after a nice college meal and a glass of wine; I am unusually breezy here:

Science and the future: a panel discussion about death, enhancement, posthumanity and other things at the Oxford Literary Festival:

Where are they? A talk about the Fermi Question at TEDxHasselt:

Shifting your brain: talk about enhancement at TEDxTallin:

What kind of humanity should we want to make? Talk at TEDxVasastan:

Ethics and impact of brain emulations. Talk at the 2013 Winter Intelligence conference in Oxford:

Interviews on Singularity 1 on 1:

Transhumanismens Historia: talk at Människa Plus (in Swedish):

Enhancement talk at the Oxford Positive Philosophy Seminar:

Interview by David Orban on the ethics of uploading:

The Future of Ideas on Machine Intelligence: talk at UKH+

The freedom to explore: talk at Humanity+ @Parsons 2011:

Mind over matter: talk on enhancement at NESTA:

Swine Flu, Black Swans, and Geneva-eating Dragons, Anders Sandberg on statistics of disasters:

Cyborg Justice: Enhancement and Punishment. Talk at OxTET about the penological implications of enhancement technology:

The riddle of the stars: talk about the Fermi Question at OxTET (somewhat bad sound):

Feasibility of whole brain emulation:

Brain machine interface talk at OxTET:


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