Cryonics: too rational, hence fair game?

CryotagOn Practical Ethics I blog about cryonics acceptance: Freezing critique: privileged views and cryonics. My argument is that cryonics tries to be a rational scientific approach, which means it is fair game for criticism. Meanwhile many traditional and anti-cryonic views are either directly religious or linked to religious views, which means people refrain from criticising them back. Since views that are criticised are seen as more questionable than non-criticised (if equally strange) views, this makes cryonics look less worth respecting.

2 thoughts on “Cryonics: too rational, hence fair game?

  1. The technical utility and praticability of cryonics may well be critiqued from a scientific standpoint. However, the moral question wheter cryonics is desireable or “right” should be discussed on a lever playing field against moral and religious objections. One needs to separate the two aspects in this.


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